Friday, 14 September 2012

Birthday Musings

As this blog celebrates its third birthday today, let me offer you a bonus in the form of a not so serious list of commented key figures.

250 000

Approximate number of page views so far. A fairly impressive but somehow profoundly uninteresting number. Admittedly, I just cited it to have one really big number in my list.


Number of pageviews of the most popular post ever published on this blog – a summary of G 1/08 (“Leave Mendel Alone”). Funny that what I call a “catholic” post (i.e. one where you are told what the original text says, without actually reading it) should be the most popular on a blog of more “protestant” outlook (where you are invited to read the original texts).


Number of posts published so far. Better known as the number of nights during which Sheherazade told her stories to King Shahryār. I guess she would not have survived had she chosen extracts from the case law of the Boards of appeal.


Number of comments left so far. The technically competent among the readers of this blog will confirm that this means that there was an average number of about 1 comment per post. In other words, my readers are not only competent but also taciturn – two qualities that often go together.


Estimated number of decisions reported so far. If you are a reader of this blog since its beginnings, you have read more BoA decisions than the average attorney reads in his whole career, I would think. But then, maybe the average attorney is right.


Number of pageviews of the most popular post of this third year, a post presenting statistical data on the 2012 BoA decisions. I intend to publish an update in early 2013. Unless the end of the world takes place on December 21, that is.


Number of active e-mail subscriptions. I never figured out why anybody (except perhaps Robinson Crusoe on his island) would want to have an e-mail notification from a blog that publishes daily, but the number of subscribers proves that there must be some good reason to do so.


Approximate number of on-line visitors per day. Leonidas had his 300, I have my 200. May my end be more peaceful than his.


Number of posts per week. As a rule, there is one post per day, six days a week, but never on Shabbat or Sunday. I let you figure out how that can be done.


Number of countries that provide more than 10% of the on-line readers of this blog: the Netherlands (all people connecting from the Office appear as Dutch), Germany, France and the UK. The presence of Brits was on the rise recently – which, in European undertakings, is a sign that the end is near.


Number of years of existence of this blog. Less than the age of reason, but perhaps more than what would have been reasonable.


Number of official languages of the EPO from which I translate into English. I sometimes have the feeling that most of my readers do not need translations, aber vielleicht sind ja doch nicht alle des Deutschen fähig, sans parler de la langue de Molière – allez savoir.


Number of contributors to this blog. Not ideal, because there is nobody else to blame.


Number of quid I earned with this blog. Great-uncle Shmuel always told me I was not good with the money. How true.


pat-agoni-a said...

Best wishes and I hope you may continue with your very interesting blog (shall I start reading it before going to bed? :-)).

or said...

Don’t do that. The other night I had a reformatio in peius nightmare …

Sander van Rijnswou said...


( I am of the taciturn persuasion: I had a long post here listing this site's many virtues. But removed it. I'm sure everyone knows all that.)

Thanks for all the work.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Olivier. I like this blog but have to admit that I do not read it every day and I regret it. I am impressed by the work you have done.

Rimbaud said...

Happy birthday to your blog, Oliver Grinstajn !

Thank you very much for the daily bread you supply. Your blog is impressive, funny ("punny"), instructive, and it has nice pictures.

Wait, three years is still far from unreasonable, doubt is not an option; look at Laurent's blog (not kotori's). Four more years, please!

Lately, I've been quite taciturn (and yet not so competent), but it's currently too much reading for me. However, I read at least your title and comments.

Keep on blogging.

or said...

Thanks Rimbaud. We miss your wit.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, and congratulations on three years of fantastic and fascinating blogging - the continuous stream of interesting and useful commentary on EPO BoA decisions (which, in many cases, I would otherwise never be aware of) is incredibly useful.

Thanks for all your hard work.


Laurent Teyssèdre said...

Bon anniversaire Oliver, et bonne continuation !

Bart van Wezenbeek said...

Dear Oliver,

I think your blog is invaluable in informing professionals that have no time to read the original texts from the EPO updates.

I receommend it to all my EQE students, not only for preparing for the exam but also to continue their knowledge level thereafter.

Keep up the good work

Anonymous said...

Dear Oliver,

Congratulations with this fantastic result. It's admirable that you still keep up with posting your summaries nearly every day.

I do hope the Boards of Appeal can keep up with you !!

Anyway, please keep going, I'm one of the 319 e-mail subscribers and the K's Law e-mail usually is one of the first mails I read per day.

Take care and all the best.

or said...

Thank you all for your kind messages!

Anonymous said...

Thanks thanks thanks ! Your blog is helping me discovering this intricate world, even if I do not understand everything (yet) !
Bon anniversaire et longue vie !

Anonymous said...

Happy third birthday and many happy returns.
I really enjoy reading this blog, and I'm sure many others do too, even if we don't/can't make the time to comment or discuss.
Thanks for your efforts!