Saturday, 2 April 2011

Publish Or Perish (ctd.)

At the end of each quarter I usually dedicate a post to the number of decisions published on the DG3 site. As the site has undergone some facelift recently, which has seriously perturbed the publishing of decisions, I am not sure whether the comparison with the previous years is meaningful. Anyway, here are the numbers:

(click to enlarge)

It is definitely too early to say whether 2011 will bring a good harvest or not; for the time being, the number of decisions made public is close to the average of the previous years.

As I am into statistics, let me mention a noteworthy change concerning the readers of this blog. When looking at the overall pageviews by countries since the beginning of this blog, about one and a half year ago, you obtain the following ranking:

The lion’s share goes to France, for historical reasons, but this share has been decreasing ever since. If you look at the figures for last month, Germany has taken over leadership:

I have no particular explanation for this relatively recent trend; maybe it is due to word-of-mouth.

There is some irony in the fact that an Austrian would have a blog in English (and sometimes translate German decisions into English) when German readers are the largest reader group ...


Manolis said...

First of all congratulations! You are slowly - but steadily - becoming a celebrity in the IP world!

As to the statistics, a fact that may be disturbing them is that the EPO uses proxies...Ok I don't know how many of your readers are from the EPO (at least I know 5 - 6) and what the impact is on your statistics, but the EPO uses proxies and it seems quite randomly. I am in Munich and I "go out" to the Internet via the Netherlands and I know some colleagues in the Hague who go through a german proxy...
It may be levels out in the end, but here you are, you know some behind the scenes information now!