Saturday, 2 October 2010

Publish Or Perish (ctd.)

Cumulative plot of the number of decisions published by DG3 in 2008, 2009 and 2010
As can be seen from the above graph, 2010 most likely will not beat the records in terms of decisions published on the DG3 site. After a strong start, we are now very close to the 2008 numbers, but hopefully (from a caselaw blogger’s point of view) there will be a little more activity towards the end of the year. Otherwise the blogslave might face difficulties in providing your daily jurisbreadence.


Anonymous said...

A probable reason for the reduced number of decisions is the renovation work currently being done at the Isar building. The number of rooms for oral proceedings have been greatly reduced. This is the price payed for keeping DG3 at a construction site instead of moving it to an adequate building.

Rimbaud said...

"jurisbreadence" !
Oliver, that one is anything but a rotten pun!
Contrepèteries will come soon...

oliver said...


I am actually quite fond of this word creation (Google does not show any prior use). And happy to hear that it might stimulate your contrepetering activity.

Rimbaud said...

Maybe you should register your creation as a TM.

Well, my post suffered a lack of clarity: I was referring to YOUR forthcoming contrepèteries, not mine.
But I promise to try posting some by the end of 2010 to keep your blog busy in case DG3 keeps decelerating.