Sunday, 14 March 2010

Six Months Already

Today this blog celebrates its first half anniversary.

This gives me the opportunity to thank all my readers for their interest. There are much more readers than I would have expected for such a niche blog. That is great!

I would also like to ask you to report any technical problems you encounter. Some readers found the legibility of the posts insufficient - this is why I have increased the font size. Depending on the browser and the screen you use, you might also find some font colours illegible - please let me know.  You can leave a comment or send a message to orandl(at)


Laurent said...

Happy half-birthday to the best blog dedicated to the EPO caselaw !

Oliver G. Randl said...


You are very kind but you definitely should read your own blog more often. ;-)

Rimbaud said...

Long live to your blog, Oliver!
Keep on rendering EP case law more legible for our untrained eye ;-)

EQE Tools said...

Congrats Oliver!

I've looked for some nice Blog clothing, but there aren't too many shops for that purpose around here :-)

I hope you can keep up the high frequency of posting!


Oliver G. Randl said...

Hi Jelle

Thanks for the virtual baby outfit!

As far as the post frequency is concerned, I hope the DG3 guys will start publishing again. If not, we poor caselaw bloggers are doomed to be redundant soon.