Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A Farewell To Arm...and

You might have noticed that Armand Grinstajn is not blogmaster of this blog any more. This change is due to the fact that I have finally received the clearance to use my real name when blogging. There is no more need for a pseudonym.

I have never considered pseudonymity to be problematic, but some readers have raised concerns and did not feel comfortable with a pseudonymous blog, for reasons which I do not find persuasive but which I respect. I hope Armand’s departure will relieve them.

So long, Armand !


Rimbaud said...

Oliver?! what a surprise! Welcome to your blog!

And congratulations for its content, including the outstanding pics you pick ; they almost permit to catch on the decisions at the first glimpse.

(Sorry, I did not receive the clearance to use my real name yet.)

Oliver said...

Thank you.

Rimbaud is alright to me.

I have to say that I much prefer pseudonymity to anonymity. But anonymous comments are welcome, too.

Rimbaud said...

Rimbaud is a pseudonym ranging from 05% to 50%.